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Neat Companies Motto is “Faith, Family, Fleet”.  Greg says, “If you prioritize your career and life based on Faith and Family, you will have a happy and successful life”



Brad Luttrell


We are happy to announce that Brad Luttrell has been chosen as December’s Employee of the Month. Brad has been with Neat Companies since 2006. For several years he held a position at the load yard. Due to his attention to detail and exemplary work ethic, he was promoted to being the manager over the LTL and UPS shipping. Not only does Brad manage that division, but he also manages the activities at the Neat load yard.

His supervisor, Brandon Luttrell, had this to say: “Brad goes above and beyond for me and the company. He takes care of anything anyone asks of him. He plays a vital role in the success of the LTL and UPS shipping. Anytime I’ve called on Brad, he’s been there! He has stepped up in his position and he takes his role to heart. I could go on and on about the good things he does on a daily basis for the company.”

Scotty Lynn, Driver Manager, says this: “This company was founded on a sense of urgency. Brad Luttrell gets it and will literally work day and night if needed. He’s always very helpful and nice to everyone.”

Randy McBeath, Safety Director, said, “Brad and his guys are always willing to help move product on the trailers to make deliveries safer for our drivers. Brad is great to work with.”

Brad has praise from his peers, from drivers to his guys on the lot to the girls in the office. He is exactly the example of whom an Employee of the Month should be.

Thank you Brad!




Neat Companies would like to thank each and every one of our employees. A special thanks to the following who are celebrating years of dedication.

Mary Armstrong                  12/07/2016         6 years

Jade Brumley                       12/30/2021          1 year

Jeremy Coe                           12/10/2021           1 year

Robert Cummens               12/05/2019         3 years

Otis Dalton                           12/01/2021            1 year

Gary Dial                               12/23/2002        20 years

Jason Grange                      12/01/2019           3 years

Carl Hogue                          12/22/2014           8 years

Danny Mayfield                  12/26/2019          3 years

James Owens                     12/30/2010          12 years

Micheale Roderiques        12/01/2019           3 years

Jeffrey Rodgers                  12/14/2021            1 year

Amy Stanley                        12/31/2018           4 years

Lewis Thomas                     12/02/1996         26 years

Peyton Wallace                   12/27/2017          5 years

Randy Watts                       12/30/2019           3 years