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Neat Companies Motto is “Faith, Family, Fleet”.  Greg says, “If you prioritize your career and life based on Faith and Family, you will have a happy and successful life”


Zane Boulton
Zane Boulton has been selected by his peers as Neat Companies May Employee of the Month!
Zane is a Truck Driver and has been with the company since September 2016. He is well known for his co-worker Ozzy. Ozzy goes with Zane on all his trips and he’s quite popular with the employees at the stores he delivers to.
One anonymous employee had this to say about Zane, “He has a great attitude and he’s a great all-around guy. Zane’s genuineness is certainly something to be noted. We love it when he stops in the office to “check in” because he is always so kind. No matter what he has going on, he always takes the time to say hello and to share a big friendly smile. Thank you, Zane, for all you do.”
His supervisor Gary said, “He does a great job and all the stores in Michigan brag on him and his dog Ozzy. They love that he is always willing to help and he’s always polite”.
Zane has had numerous TSC store receivers give him a shout out.
If you see Zane give him a big congratulatory high five for being chosen as our Employee of the Month!


Neat Companies would like to thank each and every one of our employees. A special thanks to the following who are celebrating years of dedication.

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Kelly Sanders                5/21/2014                 10 Years

Andrew Price                5/22/2023                  1 Year

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Derek Riddle                 5/25/2004               20 Years

Jeremy Stanley             5/26/2021                 3 Years

Aaron Applegate          5/26/1992                32 Years