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Neat Companies Motto is “Faith, Family, Fleet”.  Greg says, “If you prioritize your career and life based on Faith and Family, you will have a happy and successful life”


Jane Flanagan

Jane Flanagan, HR Generalist, has been chosen as March Employee of the Month. Jane has been with Neat Companies for 5 ½ years but her career in Human Resources and Payroll span nearly 20 years.

Her supervisor, Rhonda Thomas, had this to say, “Jane is a very patient employee, which makes her a perfect match for the Human Resources department. She takes her time and does her research in all matters. Jane doesn’t make rash decisions and she is very fair to all employees. She is very knowledgeable in many areas and she’s an avid news reader, which helps us stay on top of employer and employee-related news topics”.

Scotty Lynn, Driver Manager, said, “I have worked with Jane closely over several occasions with various HR-related issues for the company. She always tries to be fair to the employee and keeps the company’s best interests in the forefront. She is always prompt when responding to needs or questions, and if she doesn’t have an immediate answer, she researches the subject and gets right back with me. She is always extremely nice and upbeat during communications.”

Kindle Kleffman works closely with Jane in the HR department, and she said, “I could tell Jane is a very dedicated employee since the first day I worked with her. She is very organized, knowledgeable, and focused. She is always available to answer questions, teach, or help out if needed. She continually provides good ideas for the department. She is also very supportive of the entire HR department. She is a great person to bounce ideas off of and will help in any way she can. I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn from her and work with her.”

Jane, thank you for your dedication and loyalty to the company!




Neat Companies would like to thank each and every one of our employees. A special thanks to the following who are celebrating years of dedication.

Adam Jeffries                         3/1/2021              2 years

Leo Mann                                3/1/2022               1 year

Joshua Thompson               3/2/2020             3 years

Carol Rigney                          3/7/2016              7 years

Coy Morrison                         3/8/2018              5 years

Richard Beeler                      3/9/2020             3 years

Andrew Parton                     3/18/2022             1 year

Randy McBeath                   3/20/2017             6 years

Evan Russell                          3/21/2022              1 year

Brad Luttrell                          3/22/2006           17 years

Garry Coppler                        3/22/2021            2 years

Evan Davis                             3/23/2022             1 year

Andrew Smith                       3/26/2018           5 years

Nathan Reeder                      3/26/2021           2 years

Andrew Francis                     3/27/2019            4 years

John Atwood                          3/28/2016           7 years

Anthony Lynn                        3/29/2021            2 years

Calvin Overstreet                  3/29/2021            2 years

Justin Cain                              3/30/2022            1 year

Robert Knudsen                    3/31/2014            9 years