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Neat Companies Motto is “Faith, Family, Fleet”.  Greg says, “If you prioritize your career and life based on Faith and Family, you will have a happy and successful life”


Tyler Shaw

Tyler Shaw has been selected as April 2024’s Employee of the Month. Tyler has been with Neat Companies 1 ½ years. He is a Graphic Designer, and he supports the sales team with show materials, price lists, and more. He’s pretty much a jack of all trades! Most recently, Tyler joined the website committee and he’s led the way with some great website designs that we will be sharing with you soon.

Rod Walston, Retail Support Specialist, works closely with Tyler on a lot of projects. Rod said, “Tyler supports me in everything I do, every day, night and week! He’s always accommodating and he’s awesome to work with.”

Tina Thomas, Receptionist, works side by side with Tyler each day. Tina added, “He is a great co-worker! I love to see his creative work and designs. He does a great job in any task at hand. I can always depend on Tyler to help out anytime! I enjoy working with him.”

Andrew Bertram, IT Specialist, has worked closely with Tyler the past few months on the new website design. Andrew had this to say, “ Tyler and I have worked on a few projects since he’s started but over the past month or two, I have had the privilege of working closely with him on revamping our company websites, specifically collaborating on design. It is obvious he is super talented when it comes to graphic design and marketing. But more than that, I nominate Tyler because he is great to work with, goes above and beyond to get the job done, and helps out anyway he can – a great example of what it means to be a Neat employee.”

Theresa Russell, Project Coordinator, said, “It doesn’t matter what I ask him to help with he always does it and does it with a smile. I love to brainstorm with him on projects because he will tell me like it is. H will tell me why my idea will work or won’t work. He is a great asset to Neat Companies.”

Lastly, Tyler’s supervisor Rhonda Thomas said, “Tyler has grown tremendously in his position in the past year and half. He’s proven himself a valuable employee. Tyler’s creativity never ceases to amaze me. When you look at the characteristics of an employee of the month, Tyler checks all of the boxes. He’s loyal, meets all deadlines, has a great attitude toward co-workers, friendly to customers and vendors, his attendance is great, and he works hard to do a great job no matter what the task is. I look forward to watching his career soar with Neat Companies!”


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