Neat Distributing

Neat Distributing is an established manufacturer and provider of concrete cattle feeders, waterer pads and cattle guards. Neat Distributing takes great effort to ensure customer satisfaction with our service and quality of our products.

Neat Distributing inventory also includes a variety of sizes of HDPE double wall plastic and galvanized culverts. We can meet your drain systems needs with a variety of options. 

Whether you’re a building supply retailer or a contractor, Neat Distributing can provide you with your rebar accessory and poly sheeting needs. For your one-stop shopping we carry a full line of poly sheeting from 4 mil to 10 mil, rebar chairs, footer chairs, rebar stakes, bar ties and form release agents.

For more information or to inquire about one of our products, please call 606-787-7600.

475 Gallon Water Tank

6' X 25"
Weight 4180 LBS

10' Field Bunk Feeder

Exterior 10' X 29"
Interior 13" deep and 25" wide
Weight 2200 LBS.

8' Wide J Feeder

Exterior 8' X 26" back and 18" front
Interior 12" front and 38" wide
Weight 2200 LBS

Exterior 8' Long & Back 26" Tall 

Front 17" Tall

Interior 11" Deep

18" Wide Interior

Weight 1620 LBS.

6’ X 12’
6’ X 16’
6’ Deep and 9” Tall