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Employee Of The Month

Kelly Sanders

Kelly has been with Neat Companies for nearly 5 years. She started her career in the transportation department and has since moved into the accounting department where she is proving to be a very valuable employee. Kelly’s attendance is unmatched, she is always willing to try new projects and she is always willing to pick up slack where it is needed. She lives in Russell Springs and she spends her spare time as a Laker Mom! Thank you Kelly for your dependable and loyal service!



Employee Anniversaries

Neat Companies would like to thank each and every one of our employees. A special thanks to the following who are celebrating years of dedication. 

  • Brad Luttrell                    3/22/2006                  13 years

  • Daniel Riddle                   3/10/2008                  11 years

  • Bob Knudsen                  3/31/2014                   5 years

  • Carol Rigney                    3/07/2016                  3 years

  • Michael Woolridge           3/14/2016                 3 years

  • Steven Hadley                   3/21/2016                3 years

  • John Atwood                     3/28/2016                 3 years

  • Jami Luttrell                       3/15/2017                2 years

  • Randy McBeath                3/20/2017                2 years

  • John Stubbs                       3/05/2018                1 year

  • Coy Morrison                     3/08/2018                1 year