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Employee Of The Month

Karen Goode

Karen has been with Neat Companies 10 years. She is an inside Territory Sales Manager and she has proved herself a great salesperson for several years. Karen has reach the $1M mark in sales on several occasions in her 10 year career. She not only gives her customers top notch service but she is also their friend and that is what has made her so successful. Karen has made a decision to retire and stay home with her husband, Arnold and work on the farm with him. They also have 4 grandchildren that keeps them busy. We will miss her! Thank you Karen for your 10 years of service and best wishes on your retirement.






Employee Anniversaries

Neat Companies would like to thank each and every one of our employees. A special thanks to the following who are celebrating years of dedication. 

  • Jule Evans- 10/26/1993- 24 Years
  • Amy Lawless- 10/22/1998- 19 Years
  • Steve Wood- 10/19/2000- 17 Years
  • Darren Helm- 10/4/2004- 13 Years
  • Karen Goode- 10/15/2007- 10 Years
  • Jared Watts- 10/27/2008- 9 Years
  • Chris Wesley- 10/28/2009- 8 Years
  • Danny Sallee- 10/2/2012- 5 Years
  • Mia Gregory- 10/14/2013- 4 Years
  • Billy Grant- 10/13/2014- 3 Years
  • Troy Meece- 10/21/2014- 3 Years
  • Lewis Hale- 1027/2014- 3 Years
  • Josh Keeling- 10/8/2015- 2 Years
  • Stevie Roy- 10/19/2015- 2 Years
  • Robert Garner- 10/17/2016- 1 Year