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Employee Of The Month

Josh Keeling

Josh has been with Neat Companies 14 months but in that short time period he has proved to be a hardworking and valuable employee. Josh is in charge UPS shipping, our cull yard and he also takes care of the Neat Distributing and Neat Steel inventory. He is an eager and pleasant employee, always going to extra mile to help the owners or a fellow employee. Kudos to Josh for making such an impression in his short time with Neat Companies.




Employee Anniversaries

Neat Companies would like to thank each and every one of our employees. A special thanks to the following who are celebrating years of dedication. 

  • Cliff Bell- 1/3/1985- 32 Years
  • Gary Owens- 1/15/1999- 18 Years
  • Aleisha Watts- 1/7/2002- 15 Years
  • Jackie Schwoebel- 1/9/2006- 11 Years
  • Carla Griffin- 1/9/2006- 11 Years
  • Jared Jennett- 1/3/2007- 10 Years
  • Brad Ketchum- 1/5/2011- 7 Years
  • Karen Wilson- 1/16/2014- 3 Years
  • Earl Luttrell- 1/5/2015- 2 Years
  • Billy Goff- 1/26/2015- 2 Years
  • Raymond Torres- 1/11/2016- 1 Year