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Employee Of The Month

Amy Lawless

Amy has been with Neat Companies since October 1998. Over the years that Amy has been with us, she has worn many hats. She started as temporary part-time help, but soon impressed us with her hard work, her willingness to do whatever needed to done and her wonderful personality. Amy is now the Billing Manager and has a great team under her direction. We would like to thank Amy for her nearly 18 years of service.

Employee Anniversaries

Neat Companies would like to thank each and every one of our employees. A special thanks to the following who are celebrating years of dedication. 

  • Ricky Streeval- 8/13/2003- 13 Years
  • Kay Pendleton- 8/8/2005- 11 Years
  • Benny O'Dell- 8/14/2006- 10 Years
  • Mark Hopper- 8/21/2006- 10 Years
  • Brandon Luttrell- 8/30/2010- 6 Years
  • Jeffery King- 8/23/2011- 5 Years
  • Gerald Stamp- 8/4/2014- 2 Years
  • Jimmy Dudgeon- 8/18/2014- 2 Years
  • Benjamin Myers- 8/3/2015- 1 Year
  • William Patton- 8/13/2015- 1 Year
  • David Sims- 8/17/2015- 1 Year
  • Teri Wilson- 8/21/2015- 1 Year